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Our Approach

Here at Blue Door productions we strive to deliver a more in depth and personal approach. Whether that is constructing an original concept as part of an advertising campaign or working from a brief. We will always try to gather as much information as possible about your business, USP and brand identity. This is to help us mould a video/series of videos to cater for your intended audience and multiple platforms.

We like to start by having a conversation with you to get an understanding of what you are looking for from your video and how you want to represent your brand, product or services. This initial conversation is vital for us to gain inspiration and develop ideas from, we will always try and find the time in our schedule to arrange a meeting in person or over video call.

Following this intial discussion we then go off and develop a proposal which includes details about the structure of the video, the various edits for catering to other platforms such as social media, the narrative and finally sources of inspiration. We accompany this with a quote which breaks down what we believe is required based on your budget.

*Base rate of £1,000 for a standard video project*


Once a concept has been green lit we will start working on planning the project in terms of logisitics such as locations, producing storyboards, moodboards and lighting floorplans to develop a visual langauge for the video.

Depending on the videos requirements we may provide a more in depth stroyboard/floorplan by using a 3D software where we can build virtual environments and show a close representation for each shot and simulate the lighting we want to acheive.

This level of planning ensures your video is of the highest standard and delivers the intended message to your audience.


During the editing process we aim to deliver a first draft as soon as we can to ensure that we have enough time to make amendments from any feedback or suggestions you may have. Generally our aim is to complete a project within a 2-3 week timeframe. For projects with short deadlines we can offer a faster turnaround depending on the project’s requirements.    

As part of our service we provide up to 10 amendments for each revision, with up to three revisions per project.  If you require any further drafts these will be at an additional cost, so it is important that we have discussions over video call or in person to ensure that we can make all the relevant changes without the need for additional drafts.

Once the video has been delivered and finalised if required we can refer you to one of our marketing partners, who will help to optimise the video content using tools such as SEO and paid advertising to increase engagement and potential sales from the videos.

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